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Rachmaninoff World Premieres
The 4 Hands of Jeffrey Reid Baker
Total Time: 69 minutes

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      "The real question is, does [Baker]add anything to the party? My answer is an unqualified yes. The changes in texture that the piano reveals in the cello solo and the orchestral score are significant and illuminating, and Baker s execution of this projects vibrant and technically assured. Baker precedes the Concerto reduction with his own brief homage to the composer, a sweet and idiomatic tip of the hat to a larger than life musician, as is, for that matter, this whole production.". - Fanfare Magazine
Click on a speaker to hear an audio excerpt from each track
Sonata for Two Pianos, Op.19b (Cello Sonata arr. Baker)
.....1. Lento; Allegro Moderato
.....2. Allegro Scherzando
.....3. Andante
.....4. Allegro Mosso
Interlude for S. R., Op.8 (Jeffrey Reid Baker)
Piano Concerto No. 3 in D Minor, Op. 30 (arr. Rachmaninoff)
.....1. Allegro ma non tanto
.....2. Intermezzo: Adagio
.....3. Finale: Alla Breve

"...If you are a Rachmaninoff devotee as I am, you simply must buy this unique and vivid recording. You’ve never heard anything like it".

- Patrick Meanor, Fanfare Magazine

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