During the 18th and 19th centuries a concert was traditionally an event where a variety of different ensembles and soloists performed. Brass & Ivory Volume 1 pays homage to that classic tradition with alternating brass band and piano solo performances in some of the most powerful Russian music ever composed. While there are favorites such as Borodin’s Nocturne and Rachmaninoff’s Prelude in C# Minor, there are also many newly discovered gems such as the Gliere’s Romance, Cui’s Prelude in A-flat and Levy’s Grand Russian Fantasy featuring Euphonium virtuoso Tyrone Breuninger.

JRB CD-10001

ATLANTIC BRASS BAND selections ...

 • Festive Overture (Shostakovich)

 • Procession of Nobles (Rimsky-Korsakov)

 • “Nocturne” from String Quartet No. 2 (Borodin)

 • Grand Russian Fantasy (Levy arr. Siniavsky)

 • Russian Sailor’s Dance from “The Red Poppy” (Gliere)

 • Salvation Is Created (Tchesnokov)

 • Slavianka Farewell (Agapkin arr. Siniavsky)

JEFFREY REID BAKER, piano selections ...

 • Chanson Triste (Tchaikovsky)

 • Romance in B Major (Gliere)

 • Berceuse in A Flat Major (Spendiarow)

 • Etincelles “Sparks” (Moszkowski)

 • Prelude in A Flat Major (Cui)

 • Prelude in B Flat Major, Op.23, No. 2 (Rachmaninoff)

 • Etude in C Sharp Minor (Scriabin)

 • Berceuse F Sharp Major (Iljinski)

 • Prelude in C Sharp Minor, Op.2, No.3 (Rachmaninoff)

 • Etude in D Sharp Minor (Scriabin)

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